Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just another day in Gor

Today I logged in and saw my Master online, so I went to the Gor Hub--his usual hangout. Surprise! He was not there. I wondered, "Should I IM him?" Instead I decided to do some shopping. My first Master used to--as soon as he saw me online--tug my leash and transport me to wherever he was. My first Master told me not to speak to other men in SL and kept in touch with me when we were both offline by email and texts messages. My current Master does not seem to care what I do when he is not around. Or even when he is around. Ah well. That just means a girl is free to SHOP!

I sometimes wonder why I like dressing up and changing clothing in SL so much. I am not such a clothes horse in RL. Maybe I never had enough time with my Barbie dolls as a kid. Maybe I'm fondly remembering my mother dressing me up in all the girly clothing--pink ribbons in blonde curls, lace and ruffles and skirts (back then though I was as likely to go climb a tree and tear the finery!) In any case I love to primp for a Master in SL. Or I did. My previous Master liked me to change clothing. I asked his favorite colors and dressed to please him. He made suggestions and then was very creative in tearing off bits silks and tying my hands with them.

I don't know what my current Master likes. I think I must be a pretty bad slave that can't even suss our her Master's tastes. (Though I might have better luck if he talked to me instead of at me.) I wonder if my Master even noticed that this girl changed her clothes to match the colors of his yesterday?

So there I am in the middle of a store and Master IMs me. He does not pull my leash, does not call me to where he is. I do not see him at all this morning. But I respond (in IM). 
     Me: Good morning, Master. This girl hopes you are well.
     Him: i am well *rubs her breast firmly*
     Me: Does Master have any commands for his girl?
     Him: smiles "yes... i think its high time i use my slut before i go to work"  as he unbuttons himself
     Me: kneels before you
     Him: taking his cock as he grips her hair shoving his cock deep inside her mouth
              "suck on it my slut... show me what a good whore you are"

I don't have to say a thing, though he'd like me to scream now and again. My inner courtesan is thinking Seriously? And you get off on this shit? But he apparently does. And then off he goes. AFK for a while, not to be bothered. Don't call us, we'll call you.  

Now I do get it. A slave is there to be used. I've read the books. But I can't help thinking, "Dude, you want me to roleplay you have to give me a role!" I am not a RubberDoll!

I, too, have to go AFK. I need to pace. To vent. Instead I go get a cup of coffee.

Ten days I say to myself. I will stick it out for ten days. Ten days is generous, right? I see a lot of profiles where there is a 3 day capture limit.

I have survived days one through three. This is day four. But I can wait. Anticipation makes all things sweeter. I finish my coffee and go back to shopping.

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