Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Here a Master... There a Master....

I logged into SL today, intending it to only be brief, and saw my Master was in the Gor Hub. So I joined him. He was standing with a pretty brunette who was wearing a skirt and no top. I went to his left side (so as not to interfere with his sword hand) and knelt at his heel. He petted my hair and said good morning. I wondered if he was talking to the brunette, but never had a chance to ask because he said he needed to TP somewhere and I should wait, he'd be right back.

As the brunette was still standing there, I asked her if she knew Master. I figured she was a new slave of his (or maybe an old one, being as I've only been his for 3 days so far--who knows how many women he has tucked away). I think I offended the girl because I thought she was a slave--but hell she was naked from the waist up! Certainly didn't look like a free woman. Anyway she huffed out to finish her RP with Master and I hung out in Gor Hub to wait. (Well, okay, I was working on other stuff while hanging out, but I figured I should stay--since he told me to--where he left me. See! I am trying to be a good slave!)

After a few minutes I get an IM from him saying I was not to talk to Free Women in IM. I'm like seriously? I addressed her in IC in Open Chat first. She got huffy on me! So next I get a lecture on how I don't own him he owns me.  His words: "understand one thing and this matters most above all... as my slave.... your one goal is to please..... it matters not if i take in another.. or if i make a woman my mate... your focus is on the one who owns you"  

Dude! I was so not jealous. Tell me what the game is and I will play along. Or dismiss me and I will find something else to do. But you expect women to sit around and wait for you? Meh.

And then he tells me there will be beatings until I scream if I screw up again. Oh goodie. I get to stand around the Gor Hub and wait for him, then I get called slut, whore, and cumbag. I have yet to do any serving for him (and I'm a damn good cook, dancer, pleasure slave--the man does not know what he is missing!). 

I stayed in TGH and waited. I mean, he is the Master and he told me to wait until he got back. I had a lovely chat about what it means to be a slave vs. a sub with a very nice Sir who said he'd love to drag me into the woods and ravish me but he respected other men's property. I respect that! He also told me my Master was an idiot that didn't know what a treasure he had. So while waiting for my Master (who never came back), I had more fun than I had had yet with my Master. Something is wrong with this picture.

Yesterday Hot Hunk Master, and today Cool Conversation Master.

And now I am thinking to myself: why am I still here with my Master?  To be honest, I have no emotional investment in this Master. I want to RP. He said he did, too. We had one sort of "fun" RP (he captured me, then he "broke" me) on the day we met. But not much since. I'm not so thrilled about hanging out in the Gor Hub all the time--which is pretty much all he does because he has no Home. Not sure what his end game is, but I wonder if have made a serious mistake taking his collar.

Maybe he'll collar the brunette and then I won't feel bad about running away. 

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