Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another (HOT) Gorean Man

Today I went to MysticHope to get a new outfit. My friend Noir had picked this one up the other day and I wanted one for myself. So there I am looking for the outfit to try it on when I find the cuffs and anklets I bought the other day. They came with a chastity belt. I tried on the belt and Poof! My skirt disappears. And just at that point when I am standing there half-naked, this gorgeous hunk of a Master walks up and asks me a question. Yup. Not my finest moment. So I scramble back into my skirt and talk to him.

He was looking for the Freebie chairs. See Kira Lavendel makes some awesome outfits and until yesterday she had several in lucky chairs in the store. But she's redoing the place right now, and so she took them down. While we are discussing the chairs, up comes this 'princess' (seriously, that was in her name! I mean, who does that!) all in pink silks and tattoos. My first thought is shit--he has a first girl. (All the good ones do.) But I guess she was just asking the same question because, much to my relief, she wandered off again. She was far too Barbie for this guy anyway.

The Master who was looking for the chairs, flirted with me, and me--being the bad girl and lousy slave that I am--flirted back. (I know, I'm supposed to be loyal to my new Master, but honestly, it has been only three days and minimal contact and it's not like it was all love at first rape with him!) Besides, this new guy was hot. All bulging thews and naked chest.... He was fun to tease. And he teased back. Points for him!

Sidebar: There are a lot of men out there who get all BTB and chest-thumpy when a slave addresses them directly, doing a whole: "You, beast/slut/whore, kneel before my Masterly might" routine, which--to me--defeats the whole purpose of role play. How the hell am I going to get spanked if I don't mouth off and give you the opportunity for "discipline"? 

It was refreshing to have a man tangle his hands in my hair and want to touch my "perky breasts" and still exchange witty repartee without belittling the girl. It was even more refreshing that he respected that I was already collared. (Dammit.)

Here's the thing. A girl likes to know she is beautiful. Be told she is desirable. Wants conversation, because, Hell, this is a virtual world. All we really have is conversation. You can tell me all you want that you are touching my thingy with your thingy, but if you haven't reached my mind--my imagination--you haven't touched me.

Master Hotstuff made me smile, and made me feel all tingly in all the right places. He touched me.

He also told me he would one day collar me. Take me. And the way he said it made me blush in RL as well as in SL! And then, he took a picture of me in the new outfit (into which I finally fumbled my ass). He titled it "Randy's soon to be bond, Tsai Jie."

Seriously hot. (The claim, I mean.)

He sailed off leaving me with a parting admonition to write to him every day (also hot). And I think I just might do that. For now, I'll just sit here a while and enjoy not wiping the smile off my face.

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