Monday, October 4, 2010

Thor and Aurie at Phat Cats

Thor and Aurie_002, originally uploaded by Tsai Jie.
I know. You are used to seeing me dancing here with Thorgal while he is Djing. I do love to hang with him in Phat Cats. I get to hear new music from everywhere, we talk about our respective loves, about life, the universe, and everything. Always a relaxing thing on a Sunday afternoon. Yesterday when I showed up for his DJ session I thought it would be like any other Sunday, but no.

There she was on the dance floor the lovely Aurelia Lionheart. I don't usually see Aurie here. She is the proprietor of The Noob. (Come by on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Karaoke and hear Thor sing! Yes, a man of many talents.)

Now I could never even attempt to cut in on Thor dancing with Aurielia, first because she is a friend, but also because she is his SL partner and one true love. I couldn't help, however, but admire them both for being beautiful, young, and for being in love. So I took this picture.

Meanwhile, though I did listen to Thor's (always excellent) music choices, I was stuck across the room in chat lag hell with Molly Lempton, a couple other friends, and an Elvis lookalike who didn't speak much English. I still had a good time. Made a new friend. Got nostalgic whenThor played me a Sting song that is an old favorite.

Thorgal & Aurielia, I count myself lucky to have you both as friends.

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