Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trivia Friday Night at Callahan's

Trivia Night at Callahan's , originally uploaded by Tsai Jie.
I like to spend Friday nights at Callahan's Crosstime Saloon. Last night it was the usual crowd: Talvin, Dianna, Cisop, Hring and some new folks I hadn't met before. Amanda in a new Victorian gown, Bess as Queen E. the 2nd (which was the theme for trivia). And Spiff joined me when he popped on, too. That's us at the table on the right.

Friday nights are always fun at Callahan's you should come by if you are free. It is always at 5:30 SLT at oh, and Tuesdays are Pundays, and that's fun, too!

BTW, Hring won, and in 2 weeks (January 22nd) he will host Trivia on "Books and Authors," so mark your calendars!

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