Monday, January 12, 2009

An Apology to Ms. LilyBell Snoodle

Dear Readers, I have perpetrated a grave injustice on a lovely and delightful Lady Genetic Construct. Yesterday, when I told you all about my visit to the Firefly Bar, I mistakenly referred to LilyBell Snoodle, the beautiful bartender there as a "Neko." Which just goes to show we should never make assumptions about someone based on ears alone. Mind you, the adorable ears do make one form assumptions, but as Lily herself told me in a comment on my blog post: "Her am not a cat!"

According to her blog LilyBell is in fact a genetic construct. Now I am not sure what exactly a genetic construct is, but it seems to have something to do with Recombinant DNA, a computer, the Reavers, and a (cat?) collar. According to her blog, "She was created to achieve one thing and one thing only. But her designer and creator (his name is Mindo but that's another story for another time) had his own agenda. Not a bad guy, Mindo. Just a little...well...a romantic at heart I suppose one could say. And he loved his creation." And what Lily was created to do was to mate. With a computer.

Not so unusual to those of us living second lives. Some of us mate with computers. . . or rather use computers to mate with each other . . . all the time! We call it virtual sex.

In Lily's case, however, something went wrong, someone pushed a button on her collar, and "Pressing the 'recombine' switch was effectively a 'reboot' - Lily as she was known and as she knew herself would go away and the genes used in her creation would recombine in a new sequence. She's still be in there...just a bit in disarray if you'll forgive the pun."

You can read more about LilyBell's adventures at:

And to you, Ms. LilyBell, I do hope you will forgive my misunderstanding on the nature of your being and accept my apologies. You do serve a fine sake there at Firefly, and I intend to return for another sample!

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