Thursday, October 9, 2014

Running away with the Pirates

Yes. I was captured by pirates. Well, one pirate. A "Purple-Eyed Pirate" to boot. He took me to the pirate port city of Laura in Gor and collared me there. Took away all my lovely silks and has me walking around naked, except for the slave papers tied to my thigh. Restricted, he says. For his use only. And if I allow myself to be raped (allow? really?), he will throw me away, he says, make me a coin girl in the taverns. Been there, done that, no thanks! Guess I will start carrying a broom with me to defend myself. Apparently slaves can't even carry a nail file let alone a dagger.

Still, he seems like a nice enough Master. Firm, yet kind. Looks a bit like Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow. Hot. /me fans my face and whistles

Let's see where this path... er... ship? takes me.

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