Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Courtesan's Tip of the Month: Naughty Notes

Remember those feelings of anticipation you had as you planned your first sexual encounter with a new partner? Imagination can add a lot of excitement to a potential romance and long before you and your intended hit the bedroom, you can build that anticipation with a few simple messages.

Try dropping your lover a sexy IM or naughty notecard detailing what you'd like to do to him, or what you'd like him to do to you . . . You might even design a coupon for your partner giving him permission to try the position or sexual role play of his choice. (And if you are a professional escort, a naughty coupon for a discount or a freebie is a nice way to reward a regular client and encourage him to return again and again!) Try it in RL, too, by leaving a note in your partner's bag, briefcase, or pocket.

By building your lover's (and your own!) anticipation, you will find yourself all warmed up for an night of passion that will make the earth move for both of you.

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