Monday, November 15, 2010

Strange Dream

I had the oddest dream with D in it last night. I was in a house that was full of people who were having a secret meeting--I was pretty sure they were industrial spies. Some had come dressed as pirates. They all brought their own folding chairs. I had to stand because I had no chair. The guards on the front porch had guns. One of them told me D was across the street in the darkness, but I couldn't see him. I was thinking that I wanted to see him so much. To see his face, his real face. Then the police arrived and in the chaos D grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the house. He was dressed in a black jumpsuit like a ninja. He looked like the picture he'd sent me long ago--with beard and mustache. But his hair was very short and dark. He didn't say a word. I asked for a kiss, but he wouldn't kiss me; he just shook his head, took my hand and we ran. We ended up at a rocket ship about to launch. On board there were a lot of blue canvas hammocks full of people. Only one empty hammock was left. The captain was a tall white-haired elegant woman. She told me D was wanted for questioning but I knew if we left on the ship now we wouldn't be stopped. D never said a word but we got into the one hammock left and strapped in. I was thinking that I liked sharing the hammock even if he wouldn't kiss me. I was so happy to be in his arms again. I woke up as the ship warmed up for take off.

I woke at 12:41am thinking this dream was so vivid I just had to write it down. Bizzare, huh? I haven't had D appear in my dreams in almost a year. But then it was just a year ago this week that he broke up with me. Exactly one year ago that he abandoned Valis. 

Wonder who's living there now.

Wonder what he was dreaming at 12:41 am last night.

Draven and Tsai test the hammock

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