Monday, August 16, 2010

New Toulouse Bayou: a Voudoun Sim in Second Life

Deep in the back woods and waterways of New Toulouse Bayou you stumble across a ramshackle building. Strange smells, incense, candles, the sound of the water, crackle of a firepit. It's Burke Benoir’s B&B Spiritual Supplies. You need a brightly colored voudou doll? She has them in all colors. How about a Hand of Fatima for protection? Candles? She’s got candles for all purposes! St. John the Conqueror for house blessing. Uncrossing to rid you of bad luck. Even candles to call up Marie Laveau, the bad-ass-est witch of all times! Check out the boney-legged altar table. Locks and keys and bottle trees.  Wish bones and lucky elephant statues. A piggy for prosperity. Dried spiders, evil eye beads, and fairy crosses. A chicken foot or a rose quartz crystal. You need it, Burke’s got it. Come by, too, for the dancing under the stars on the Sabbat. Have a drink to Baron Samadhi and toast the loa on the full moon. Come do the circle dance on the edge of the Bayou.

You can visit New Toulouse Bayou in-world at

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