Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celtic Maiden Warrior in Concert at Stonehenge in Heritage Key


Heard about a concert going on today in Heritage Key's beautiful Stonehenge Sim (thanks to Twitter friends @rivenhomewood & @xlent1). 

 The singer (/guitarist/drummer/awesome musician) was Celtic Maiden Warrior, and she played some marvelous old favorites as well as more modern songs by my favs Stan Rogers and Loreena McKennitt (one based on the beautiful Alfred Noyes' poem "The Highwayman"!). 

 To get to Heritage Key I had to recreate my Second Life Avatar on the OpenSim grid. This has been interesting to say the least. I am not yet ready to desert SL, but it's nice to know I now

exist in many places, SL, ReactionGrid, OpenSim.  New places to explore too!  If you ever find yourself in Heritage Key, look me up, we'll go shopping! (If I can find any shopping--or money! *grins* )


  1. i heard about the place via twitter too, and made a quick machinima there to show others whats going on...
    Loved Celtic Maiden Warrior's set, great to hear live acoustic folk at the ancient stones :)

  2. Great write-up, thank you! I especially love the 'aerial photo'. Heard the livestream here in the office. That girl could definitely sing!


  3. that live concert were really impressive. I really enjoyed. Following more in what is happening at Heritage key.