Monday, May 3, 2010

Places in Second Life: Athan Selidor

There are places in SL you go to hang out with friends. There are places you go to shop, or dance, or role play. And then there are places you go to to just be. To stand on a beautiful shoreline and breathe in a sunset, watch a wave crash on a rock, explore the corners of an ancient library. These are the beautiful places. The places that take your breath away, make you want to just stop and stare. Or sit and meditate. To, like I said, breathe. And be.

This is Athan Selidor. An island. An ancient building. A library of obscure wisdom. A refuge.

I was first shown this place by my dear friend, Draven. An artist and a builder, he has a talent for finding beautiful places in SL--and I am always delighted when he shows me some new place he has discovered in his travels.
There are many tiny islands in Athan, but one large main one. On that is the library. Or maybe it is a temple.

It has the feel of antiquity and peace that go with ruins, and yet it is not ruined. Balconies and galleries like a castle, even a tiny chapel in the bottom. Then again, castle, temple or library, what does it matter. 
It is what it is.

In the basement of the large building on the main island, is the library, Liber Obscurum. While visiting here I have met few people. One wandering vampire, and the man who tends the library, Talisein Llewellyn. 
If you have questions he will be happy to answer them. There are notecards about as well, with information on a number of arcane topics. Me, I like some things to remain a mystery. 

I like to think of this as an kind of abandoned Atlantean outpost. Perhaps a beautiful and wise people once lived and loved here. Then one day abandoned their paradise because  whatever serendipity that drove them pushed them in a different direction. 
I can almost see their ships pulling away, taking them to new horizons.
Will they return? Who can say. Only time and the tides can tell.

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