Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bored now.

Had a lazy day, lolled about sleeping, played in Plurk. When I finally got up enough steam to head in-world and see what was up, no one was around to play with. *pouts*

Is it the Olympics? Everyone watching TV? 

I had a ping earlier in the day from Ins who was at the airport in my town on his way to Vegas. But he didn't have enough time between planes for me to hook up with him for coffee. 

Chatted up Spiff briefly in-world, but then he had RL things to do. 

Spoke to Thorgal, too, for a couple seconds. But I didn't want to bother him, he seemed busy. 

Got a nice note from Jamesen. Maybe I'll see him for coffee, but not until later in the week. 

Bored now. Think I will wander off to bed with a good book. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Anyone know where I can get a large economy sized package of Motivation?

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