Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon has a New Location

Sad news, Callahan's had to leave the lovely New Conch Republic sim they were on. 

Good news, Callahan's has a new home in Karyukai!


And so the usual suspects gathered on Tuesday night to see The Place in its new location. Here's me and Amanda and Cisop chatting at a table. Bes, Daeron, Crystal, and Oliron in the back there.

The thing about the Callihooligans is they just can't help punning--or funning--even on an Unday. Juneberry treated us to a fashion show of her avatar collection, bat, bird, dragon et al. Obsidian tromped around upside down with his plunger anti-grav boots on the ceiling. Talvin, the ever meticulous, was still rearranging furniture at the end of the evening.

And as all too often happens, Amanda and I closed the bar.

Callahan's is the best of places. C'mon by on a Tuesday for Punday, or a Friday for Trivia night.

Medieval Trivia this Friday (Oct. 23rd). Hosted by the brilliant and beautiful Bes!  See you there?

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