Friday, October 30, 2009

Bogart's Slow Dance #3 Therapy!

So tonight there was a Halloween Tales and Tails Party at Callahan's Crosstime Saloon. Amanda won the contest with her story--something about a hooker? Anyway I got there late and was bummed that I had missed it, bummed that I hadn't seen all the friends I wanted to see.

But then Jamesen logged in-world and stole me away to go dancing at Bogart's Jazz Club! My hero...

Thing about Bogarts is that you really need to dress up. So I asked him what color I should wear and he said red. I dug deep in the closet and found this slinky number I'd gotten ages ago from DE Designs. Threw on a pair of sparkley strappy shoes. He put on his best tux, and tp'ed me to Bogart's.

While the place is usually packed the lag is pretty low. The music is soft jazz, Sinatra-esque. Perfect for a quiet evening of slow dancing and sexy talk.

Smiling now.

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