Tuesday, June 16, 2009


What do you do with a guy who just doesn't get it? Seth has a new GF, or maybe that is a potential GF. He brought her around to meet me. He thought we'd have things in common. He's right. Both English majors. Both into Brit Lit. But here's the thing. Seth starts blathering on to me about Natasha's RL life--things she has shared with him--and then immediately blathers to her about mine. Job, city, age, relationships . . . Oh, Seth. Bad, puppy, no biscuit!
The thing that makes SL fun is the anonymity of it all!
I suppose it is my own fault for sharing RL details with Seth, but hello! I wonder if he'd like it if I told his new lust object where he lives, or how old he is, or about his RL relationships?
Mostly the people in SL who know about my RL are the ones who are also IN my RL! And only very a few trusted others--Jamesen, Michael, Draven. Seth was on that list. Not anymore. LOL! See, Dude, you blew it. Gonna have to take back the key to the airship I've been letting him use after this stunt. (Or maybe I put a chat listening device in the floor and see what he does there and then post it here . . . hmmmm?)
OTOH, I like Natasha. I think she may just make a better friend than Seth!

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