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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quote du jour: David Ray

Love dies if you can't get to see her
or if you see her too much,
also from the gossip of vile men.
Or from no cause at all.

--from Not Far From the River by David Ray

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Frailty, thy name is woman . . .

Yesterday Draven had an hellacious day, and missed our date. This falls under the category of "Shit Happens." But I, with my frailties running full tilt in insecure mode, took all the stresses of the week and blew them out of proportion. I thought all kinds of self-pitying things when he was the one who was really having the bad day. Now I just feel foolish.

What is it about love that makes people behave badly, overreact, panic, flip out . . . all the cliches apply here. I have never been a woman to sit by a phone in Real Life (tm) hoping someone would call. But here I am sitting around Second Life just waiting for him. Hoping. What is it about this one man that can push all my buttons--good and bad--so hard?

And while I am fretting he is stressing in other ways, too. He reminds me that he is only human, can do only so much. He tells me I have an idealized image of him. Do I? I don't know. I do think he is my perfect other half in so many ways--a soul mate. Why? "I have no other but a woman's reason: I think him so, because I think him so."

Patience, I tell myself. This is just the path we have to walk. It is what it is. "Journeys end in lovers meeting, Every wise man's son doth know." I just need to have patience, and faith in Draven. And I need the gorram universe to cut us some slack.

Monday, February 2, 2009

"Clio" outfit by Draven Sautereau

Someone mentioned to Draven that sexy clothing for women in Greco-Roman sims was hard to come by, so he designed this strategically-placed-wisps-of-silk slinky dress.

Tsai wearing "Clio" outfit by Draven Sautereau
Original photo at: Tsai Jie's Flickr pages

The outfit is made entirely of (over 60!) prims, script resizable for any bust, and it includes a gold rope belt and ankle cords. This is truly an "only in SL, not possible in RL" dress! Look for coming soon it in multiple colors at any Bird of Prey shop, or IM Draven Sautereau with your request.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Song for SL Dancers: "Human" by the Killers

I have fallen in love with this song by the Killers. It asks a very poignant question: are we human or are we dancer"? But what does a question like this mean?

Of course we are all indeed human--with all the fallibility inherent thereto: anger, pain, jealousy, illicit desire, and deceit. But perhaps we are also more than human when we let art take us above mere humanity. We are, as dancers, as beings engaged actively in art and in social interaction through that art (music, dance, all the performance and creative arts) much more able to appreciate all the things arts inspire or are inspired by--most especially desire, romance, being loved, caring for a beloved.

So, of course, this song reminds me of dancing my way through second life with a special friend. Not only because of the dance he and I dance in SL, but for the feathers on the lead singer's shoulders (wings? armor?) and the black crow (his totem) that flies through the video as well.

And if you, Dear Reader, have a lover with whom you dance (and, oh, the connotations that word dance can cover!) you, too, should take a closer look at this song.

Are you just Human? Or are you Dancer? Me--I hope I will be dancing.

[Note: follow this link to the (not embeddable) official song video with lyrics. And check out this one by the Second Life Sky Navy. Or this one: the Stalker Chick version!]