Monday, December 1, 2008

Courtesan's tip of the month: Mucho, Mucho Men!

Holiday season is on us and no doubt your schedule is as crowded as mine. Tonight a party with one special guy, tomorrow off to lunch with another, a sweet date lined up for New Years . . . and then there are all the IMs from the hotties you'd love to hook up with! How do you keep it all straight? A while ago in Cosmopolitan I found a great article with some salient advice for the girl juggling multiple men.

First and foremost don't let anyone tell you you can't play the field. This is the 21st century and our relationships have expanded to online romances! Why not do what men have been doing all along and indulge yourself with all the men you'd love to love? Cosmo's Guide to Dating Multiple Men says: "Dating a slew of studs simultaneously does wonders for your ego, your social life and (duh!) your chances of meeting Mr. Right. 'The more men you date, the better your odds of finding your perfect match,' confirms Jodie Gould, coauthor of Date Like a Man. The ideal setup, she says, is to have 'a pair and a spare,' meaning you should keep at least three Romeos in rotation at once."

The difficulty in RL is to keep them all from running into each other and to avoid double booking yourself (remember the restaurant scene in Mrs. Doubtfire). All that is, of course, much easier to handle in SL, which has much wider space and far less likelihood of bumping into your other men. The easiest way is, of course, to create different alts for each lover, but that does seem a bit shady. The best advice I have is to be open about it. Tell your fellas that you are not going to be exclusive from the start. Bear in mind that they also may be playing a field, and you will have to be one of several girls in their lives. Fair is fair after all!

More good advice? Get yourself a good dayplanner, or electronic calendar, or just keep good notes. You need to schedule carefully so you are not still with Lover-A when Lover-B's time rolls around! And remember, no matter how much fun Lover-A is, no fair standing up Lover-B. You can always schedule another run at Lover-A for tomorrow! The anticipation will make it all the sweeter! Now get out there and party!

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