Monday, October 27, 2008

Of showers and other realities

In the shower just a few minutes ago I couldn't help but think of you. I imagined you stepping in behind me. Running your hands over my wet body. As soap and water ran down my spine I imagined it was your fingers tracing that damp curve, trailing down to my wettest spot. I imagined you pulling me close, imagined curving my body to yours as you slipped inside me. The pounding of the water on me, on us. The way you pound into me, my breasts pressed against the cold tiles, your hands on my hips as you ride me. We'd orgasm together in a rush of heat and steam and then you would just hold me, spent and shuddering as the water cooled.

Miles and miles away from me, you are heading off to your busy day. I am, too. I will think of you all day long and wish for you a productive day, so that when you get home tonight you can let all that other world go. Just be with me. In our private garden, in our second life.

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