Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where Am I Going, Where Have I Been?

It's been a while since I have blogged seriously in here. Why? RL! You know the way that real life has of getting in the way of a perfectly good second life? Mine has been doing that in spades this spring. Between classes and school, job and health issues, upheavals and changing residences, well, I fear I have had little time for the more fun aspects of being a courtesan.

To top it off, not only has real life been changing too fast for me, but so has my SL. What has been keeping me too busy there to blog? Well, having just passed my rez-day, I can say there have been a lot of changes in SL for me over the last year. Made new friends, changed jobs (no more Lotus Moon or Purfect Droom, but still can be found at Blue Noise and Escort Island), changed my look to a more photo realistic skin, bought land and now have a home (3rd incarnation thereof!) in Valis & I share it with our (yes, I said "our") small family there, and . . . brace yourselves . . . I have fallen in love.

Yes, my SL has over the last year taken a turn for the serious as well. All good mind you. . . Remember way back around a year ago when I said my life had wandered off on a tangent? Well, that was one life changing tangent . . . . The man in question is still here one year later, still together. And, lo, I find care even more deeply for him today than I thought was possible back then.

How does a fun flirtation turn into an earth-shattering romance? Is really possible to find real love in SL? I mean love that lasts and stays? I have seen couples--SL partnerships, or marriages if you will--come and go. Some in months, some in weeks, some in only a matter of days. Me, I swore I would never be tied down. Thought that whole partnership thing was a dumb idea. And yet here I am having given up all other SL lovers for the one man who makes me happy in my second life.

Want to see what the last year has been like? Here's a little video of us over the last year, a celebration of who we were and who we are now. Don't know where we are going. Don't know if we'll ever be able to balance RL and SL. Don't know what comes next, but this sure feels like forever. . . . Just gonna keep dancing my way through SL.

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