Sunday, February 17, 2008

Angels and Demons at Blue Noise Hideaway

Last night was an "Angels and Demons" event at Blue Noise Hideaway in Waterton, so I dug out my favorite Seraphim wings from Material Squirrel and put my dancing shoes on (my favorite Diamond Stilettos from Awori Cassini) and headed on down. My angel outfit top and thong are the FaeSilks Ice Princess from Suki's Silks, but the with that top skirt was lace and I just didn't like the look of it, so I wore the white Harem Skirt, also by Suki, which fastened nicely to my thong with its bit of gold jewelry. My jewelry is the Ode in Amber series from Random Calliope's most recent butterfly hunt--a gift I got from a special man who went collecting the jewelry laden butterflies on Valentine's Day. I was pretty pleased at the mix and match angel outfit, especially since my fur cuffs gave off fairy lights and my halo (a freebie I picked up ages ago) and shoes had lots of bling! I was the brightest angel in the bunch! Here's my angelic boys from another angle, that's Jerzy on the left and Porkie on the right, and there's Katie, MicahJohn, Cutiepie, and Zach in the background. Another fun evening for everyone at the Blue Noise!

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