Friday, October 5, 2007

Courtesan's Sex Tip of the Month: Sharing a Fantasy

Thinking about sex is almost as much fun as doing it. So brush the cobwebs out of the brain by building fantasies in your mind and then stir up your partner's libido by sharing them. This tip comes from the pages of Cosmo:

"Whisper a naughty story in his ear. Think about sexy taboo situations that you'd never act out. . . and be prepared to give the details. Just helping him to imagine stepping outside his comfort zone can get his adrenaline racing, Maybe the story involves letting him watch you pleasure yourself. You can even push the erotic envelope further by introducing some light bondage and tying his hands to the bed. Don't worry about whether he can escape--the idea of being held captive is thrilling enough."

This kind of fantasy sharing is tailor made for SL. Most guys love to be told your deepest fantasies, so go ahead and share. The more risque the better. And, fellas, this is a two way street. Tell your girl your fantasy and I bet you get her adrenaline going too! Sexy man telling me his deepest desires? I know that works for me!